Our office

Founded in 2007 by two lawyers (Sancho & Pérez) with extensive experience specializing in various areas: intellectual property, civil, commercial, labor and tax mainly, who came from major law firms and large companies; incorporating other colleagues who have been bringing knowledge and experience to the daily work since then.

Since its inception it has strived to combine the proximity to the business world and the world of citizens, understanding that they are two sides of the same reality. To these two legs we have added the practice in what we call commitment that enriches our profession and our team.

S&P Legal is born with the vocation of betting for another way of understanding the legal advice and the legal defense of the people. We want to talk in the language of our people, understand what is happening to them and offer them options that the Law has to protect their interests. 


'We understand our profession as a possibility to improve the lives of citizens, to support them and to give them a chance for real, honest and proportionate advocacy at cost.'

Meet our clients

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